Friday, February 27, 2015

Think of the Sun

Think of the greatness of the sun. It silently rises and sets each day, painting our skies with magnificent colors. Yet every second, millions of tons of hydrogen are destroyed in explosions that start somewhere near the core of our sun, where the temperature is 13 million degrees Celsius. That's hot. The earth's entire oil, coal and wood reserves would fuel its energy output to the earth alone for only a few days. Tongues of hydrogen flame leap from the surface with the force of one billion hydrogen bombs! They are thrust up by the enormous thermonuclear explosion at the core of the sun where 564 million tons of hydrogen fuse each second to form helium. Almighty God created it, and guilty sinners have to face Him on the Day of His Wrath. What an unspeakably fearful thing. There goes another minute. Gone forever. Go share your faith while you still have time.