Saturday, June 03, 2023

That Eerie Silence

The Bible says that as a man "thinks in his heart, so is he."(Proverbs 23:7) What do we think about? Think about it-;what is it that we meditate on? It is "desire" that determines most of our thought patterns. It should be that the human predicament narrows down what we think about. Imagine a shipwreck survivor as he sits with two or three other survivors in a huge and mostly empty lifeboat. As the great ocean liner heaves, and sinks silently beneath the freezing waters of the ocean, the only sounds that break that eerie silence are the unforgettable cries of perishing human beings, pleading to be saved from an icy grave. What is it then that should consume the survivor's thoughts? He should be utterly focused on saving those that are dying around him. Nothing else should matter, compared to the task that is before him. There goes another minute.